Animal ID: APA-A-69719
Adoption Fee: $160.00
Sex: F
Looks Like: Boxer
Current Weight: 54 pounds
Date of Birth: 2015-12-27
Age: 3 years, 1 month
Location: TLAC
Building 2
Kennel 188
Dog Score: 3 - Has had mixed notes about interacting with dogs in the shelter or at home. A candidate to live with other dogs.
Cat Score: 3 - Has had mixed interactions with cats
Child Score: 3 - Mixed notes around children.
Home Alone Score: 4 - Has been left home alone somewhat successfully

Check out Khloe's Videos!

With her scrunched up wrinkly face, soft brown eyes and amazing personality, Khloe has quickly become a staff and volunteer favorite.

This sweet pup is highly affectionate and isn't picky who she gets attention from. Khloe loves pets and cuddles and will lay her head on your hand to ask you to snuggle with her, then climb up and lay on top of you like a big ol' lap dog. She's very friendly when meeting strangers and goes right up looking for pets and asking to play, while at the same time being very well-mannered about it and doesn't get jumpy.

Khloe's a big fan of all toys, is great at tug of war and fetch and brings the ball back every time, dropping it right at your feet. She makes for a very gentle playmate and is careful not to bite your hand while playing tug of war. She also loves to run and would make a great hiking or jogging partner.

Khloe is deaf, but she's very responsive and is always looking to a human for direction on what she should be doing. She's great on leash, fully house-trained and has good manners in the home. She even ignored the resident cat on a sleepover with a volunteer and could also go home with a well-matched doggie sibling.

We should point out some great things about having a deaf dog: Khloe wont bark at noises, she isn't scared of thunderstorms and fireworks, she sleeps soundly through the night, and she's always looking at you with those big brown eyes to see whats going on. And though we don't think she knows any yet (we might be using the wrong ones), Khloe can learn hand signals, which is like a secret language!

Playful, sweet and gentle, Khloe would make a wonderful addition to any number of active homes that will include her in their adventures and give her plenty of attention. If that sounds like yours, come meet this perfect pup!