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A Culture for Peaches

Sweet Peaches had a very large mass growing on her abdomen, which has since been removed. While we anticipated the incision site to heal slowly due to its location between her legs, the site still hasn’t healed, despite several antibiotics and treatment courses. Our APA! Clinic team needs $150 to culture the incision in order to find out which medications Peached will need.
Let’s help this adorable kitty to get back up on her feet!

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Help #SaveSnoop

*UPDATE – Monday, August 7th*

While we were hoping to be able to share good news of Snoop with you this Monday, we’re heartbroken to have to let you know that, despite our best efforts and the truly incredible support he received from all of you, Snoop has passed away.

When Snoop first arrived at APA!, he was immediately hospitalized in the ICU and received the highest level of care. From IV fluids to manual bladder expression, Snoop was given round the clock treatment for his burns and medical complications. Even after he improved enough to be moved into a medical foster home, … more

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Join Us for the 6th Annual Paddle for Puppies!

Austin Pets Alive! is proud to be the beneficiary of the 2017 Paddle for Puppies, presented by Austin Subaru, benefitting our very own Parvo Puppy Program.

Parvo, short for the canine parvovirus, is a highly contagious viral illness, often affecting puppies or dogs lacking proper vaccinations. Without treatment, parvo is deadly.

The Austin Pets Alive! Parvo Puppy Program is the first of its kind in the nation, saving more than 3,000 puppies since it began. Through quarantine, … more

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Nerf Needs FHO Surgery

Nerf is a 1-year old retriever, Labrador mix who was found all alone on the side of the road by good samaritans. After making his way to the APA! clinic it was discovered that he needs FHO surgery on his hip due to a fracture. We don’t know what caused his injury, but we do know that he needs help in order to heal and find his forever home.

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Collaborative Lifesaving: APA! at Best Friends Animal Society

By Mike Kaviani, Director of Lifesaving Operations at Austin Pets Alive!

In the words of Ryan Clinton, founder of FixAustin.org and one of the original architects of Austin’s No Kill movement: No Kill is a journey – not a destination.

Back in 2012, when Austin had already achieved both a 90% save rate (the industry metric for achieving No Kill) and its status as the largest No Kill city in America, it would have been easy for Dr. Jefferson and Austin Pets Alive! to take the foot off the gas. APA! had already accomplished what no one else had, so was there … more

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Jack’s Hyperthyroidism

7-month-old Jack has some serious issues. He was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and is receiving daily medications for it, and while his littermates are all clocking in at around 60 pounds, Jack barely weighs 15 pounds. In the last two months, Jack’s facial features have begun to shift within his face, and now his nose and jaw are obviously dislocated. In order to find out what is going on with this poor pup, our APA! Clinic Team needs $200 to further examine his thyroid and general condition.

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Bottle Baby Nursery T-Shirt Contest

It’s that time of year again! Every year, volunteers of the Bottle Baby Nursery Program at APA! vote on a t-shirt design that will be the new bottle baby shirt for the year. All designs are submitted by volunteers and all funds contributed through voting will support the Bottle Baby Nursery.

Below are the submissions for the front of the shirt. It’s $1 per vote ($5 minimum) and whichever design collects the most money will be printed. Click on the design to vote for that specific design. Voting will end at midnight on Friday, July 21st. Let the voting begin!
Design #1… more

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Emile’s Seizures

When Emile the kitten first joined us at Austin Pets Alive!, she presented with neurological issues which we were able to successfully treat with medications. Now at three months of age, she has started having seizures. Our clinic team needs $125 for blood panels and bile acid tests to get a head start on a diagnosis for Emile.

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