Constant Companions

Our monthly giving program. Each gift, no matter the level, sustains our mission and writes a positive future for the animals in our care.

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At APA!, we rely on the generosity of our Constant Companions to provide steady support for our innovative ideas and Austin's animals in need! Because of how grateful we are for the compassion of those willing to give each and every month, we have started a new program that celebrates our Constant Companions.

Depending on your ability to give each month, you will automatically be placed into a Constant Companions Circle! From merch, to exclusive events and discounts, each circle has its own unique set of benefits. See the graphic below for more information on each circle, and then initiate yourself by filling out the form below! Thank you for helping us help pets!

Sign up by filling out the form below.

Nellie at Joels
Dec 27, 2019

Our Dash West To Save Nellie

Once an APA! family member always an APA! family member. We never turn our backs on our animals, so we knew we had to get our girl back to safety and that we’d have to move fast.

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