Fixer Pupper Maternity Ward Fundraiser

Currently, our maternity ward is effectively shut down and cannot take in any new mamas. We are trying to raise $15,000 for a complete renovation of the Maternity Ward and Program. Your donation will go toward completely redoing and refurbishing our ward, making sure it meets standard medical protocol and helps guard against diseases like parvo. We’re talking new walls, doors and door frames, floors – the whole shebang. Funds would also go toward our Maternity Program, as a whole.

APA!’s Maternity Ward originally opened in July 2012 as a way to immediately save a pregnant mama dog or a mama dog and her puppies whenever Austin Animal Center or surrounding shelters needed that kennel space. Since then, APA! has b
een able to save countless mamas and their families. In the summer of 2016, we expanded our program by creating a team of volunteers to assist staff in caring for the families and the upkeep of the ward (and so the Mutternity Team was born).

If you’re adopting a pet through our Barkworthies Chews Rescue event this weekend, you’re saving between $75-$500 in adoption fees to welcome a new animal into your home. Can you help APA! better save and serve the community’s homeless mama dogs and their families by donating to our Fixer Pupper campaign?

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Please note that if we don’t meet our goal, funding will go toward the general Maternity Program