Austin Pets Alive! | Alonso’s ACL Needs Our Help – FUND COMPLETED!
Oct 10, 2017

Alonso’s ACL Needs Our Help – FUND COMPLETED!

Alonso is one of the most people-oriented dogs you’ll ever met – he loves everybody! He is currently spending his time in foster snuggled up with his humans and showing off his zest for life. Alonso came to APA! because he was suffering from seizures and in his short time here our APA! Clinic team has worked hard to help get his seizures under control.

Unfortunately for Alonso, his seizures were just one of his problems. He is also suffering from a torn ACL and a luxating patella. These injuries require surgery in order to get Alonso back to doing what he loves best – going on adventures with his humans. From trail hikes, to frolicking in water and everything in between, Alonso is ready to get back out enjoying the world!