Austin Pets Alive! | Austin Pets Alive’s Dobby needs your help
Apr 18, 2014

Austin Pets Alive’s Dobby needs your help

Dobby has been one of APA’s most challenging cases to date. Dobby came to APA in August of 2012 and we quickly discovered that she was in need of more than we could have imagined. In addition to Dobby’s significant, multiple medical issues she also has severe separation anxiety making her an extremely difficult dog to care for. Dobby literally can never be left alone and so she requires boarding every single day while her foster is at work. As you can imagine this becomes very expensive very quickly and we need your help to keep making this possible for Dobby. Without the ability to board her, Dobby may be faced with returning to the shelter environment which would likely exasperate both her medical and behavior issues as well as create emotional upset for Dobby. Because she has thrived in her foster home and is such an amazing, lovable dog we need to keep providing her with the care she needs not only because it’s the right thing to do but because she deserves it. Any donation amount helps to keep Dobby safe and happy.