Austin Pets Alive! | Bridle's Diabetes Regulation - GOAL REACHED!
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May 17, 2021

Bridle's Diabetes Regulation - GOAL REACHED!



5/20 update: GOAL REACHED!

You may recognize Bridle from a previous chip-in when she first came into our care needing help with her untreated diabetes. We started Bridle on two insulin shots a day, but we’ve been unable to regulate her blood sugar levels and need to perform an ultrasound to figure out the problem.

Because of her age and her medical condition, she has some episodes of nervousness and anxiety that can require additional medication. Despite her medical condition, this senior lady is a tiny and special girl and is still a loving, playful and sometimes silly pup. Can you chip-in to help pets like Bridle live out their years in comfort?

Bridle2 Needs Your Help!

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