Jun 22, 2012


Brixton contracted two very rare strands of antibacterial-resistant bacteria infecting his sinus cavities, due to a severely deformed nasal structure (due to the dog attack when he was just 4 weeks old) and a weakened immune system. The infection ate away bone in his sinus cavity separating his sinuses and his brain, no doubt causing extreme headaches, pain and discomfort for this poor little pup.

Brixton he has had a CAT scan (he was sedated for the scan), surgery (rhinoplasty) and has been on numerous medications since the surgery. He is on the mend and it is very evident that despite the intense surgery and the pain medication he is on, he feels much more like the puppy he should be! While Brixton heals, we are looking to our supporters to help with the cost of the treatments and surgery for this adorable pup. Any amount you can give for Brixton helps, please donate for him today!

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