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Jul 25, 2013


Cafe is a charming, shy, almost 3 year-old American Bulldog mix who is currently living in an


Austin Pets Alive! foster home. He’s one of those pups who has touched numerous people at Austin Pets Alive!.

Café spent a great deal of time at Austin Pets Alive!’s shelter, playing with the little dogs in play group and getting love from the staff at every pass to encourage him to trust. He was recently taken in by the loving arms of a foster family, while working with dog trainer specialist Steven DeBono. Steven is working with Cafe to master all the skills he needs to succeed as a part of a home and a family. This amazingly handsome pup has progressed from running away and hiding, to accepting cuddle time with his foster mom! That might sound like a normal dog trait, but Cafe’s journey has been anything but normal.

Café came from a very difficult past. He was bullied by other dogs and forced to live outside.


He’s had a difficult time adjusting to a real home and understanding what it means to be a member of family. Thanks to his amazing foster parents, Cafe is working through his fears of feeling confined as they dedicate their time to not only his physical but also his emotional and mental well-being. He’s learning that he has safe places in the home, and that people are awesome, but he still has a long way to go before he can show off the confident, charming guy that he is on the inside.


Café is working very hard on all of his new life skills but he needs your help to continue training, and become the perfect pet that we know he can be.