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Mar 30, 2016

Choco-Total Ear Canal Ablation Needed – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

You may remember Choco from our previous posts. He is quite the popular guy around here and over the time he has been a part of APA (since July 2013) has won all of our hearts over!


Choco has been dealt a double whammy. He has behavior issues that are on-going and has severe allergies that affect his skin, ears, and overall happiness.

If you have ever had or known a dog with allergies, you know just how difficult it can be to care (and pay!) for them. Couple this with some behavior issues and the pool of potential adopters becomes very narrow.

Over the years Choco has had numerous testing, medication trials, food trials, and consultations to try and get his allergies under control. During this time he has battled severe itching and constant ear infections.

Due to recurring infections, his ear canals have narrowed, which creates an ideal environment for bacteria growth and leads to constant painful ear infection. The pain in his ears compounds any behavior issues.

We have come to a point with Choco that the best solution for him is a total ear ablation. This means the middle ear is removed

eliminating the chance for infection and removing the source of pain. While some hearing loss can occur this drastic surgery will be Choco’s saving grace.Can you help Choco?