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May 05, 2017

Clover + Wowza: Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep – FUND COMPLETED!

Beauty is more than skin deep, but unfortunately for Clover and Wowza their skin is what is currently causing them problems. Both are suffering from skin conditions and they need our help.

Clover – the stunning orange cat – needs a skin biopsy. He currently has very irritated skin that has not improved on normal treatments, and our medical team needs to determine how to best help him heal. Clover is also suffering from some areas of fur-loss that are worsening, and his fur is falling out very easily. Poor buddy needs some relief!

Wowza, who was originally adopted out from APA! in 2013, has sadly been recently returned. He is now very overweight with some skin and hair loss issues. Despite treatment for the last few weeks he has made no improvements. The APA! Medical Clinic team needs to do some blood work to rule out underlying medical issues, and help Wowza get back on track.

Our medical team is ready to do Clover’s skin biopsy and Wowza’s blood work as soon as the funds are available. Help us, help these two feel comfortable in their skin. Donate below!

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