Austin Pets Alive! | Deaven Was Hit By A Car And Left To Die But Now…
Nov 18, 2014

Deaven Was Hit By A Car And Left To Die But Now YOU Can Help!

Meet Deaven! Deaven is a wonderful 4yr old male pit mix. He is very friendly and loves to be around people. He was found as a stray, hit by a car, but we feel he must have had a home at some point because of his friendly demeanor and low level or fright.


Unfortunately though he is living in pain right now. As a result of being hit by a car, Deaven has a luxated hip bone and a fractured femur with a portion of the bone


broken off in the socket. He has been stabilized and is taking multiple pain medications and will be on them until his surgery can be done. He is hesitant to extend his right leg because of the injury and the pain it causes.

Deaven was left to die but thanks to The Austin Animal Center and Austin Pets Alive! we can help Deaven rebuild his life and find him a loving home.

Your donations will help make this possible for Deaven!