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Feb 15, 2017

Dory is almost at the finish line. You can help! – FUND COMPLETE! Thank you!

Dory has been an underdog at APA for a few weeks now. She came to us on August 29th as a puppy and was adopted quickly. Unfortunately in December she was returned with three fractured legs. This was not due to any abuse and was thought to possibly be due to a calcium and/or phosphorus deficiency. The fractures happened at different times, weeks or months apart. One of the fractures completely healed, and luckily, the way that Dory’s fractures happened allowed for her legs to heal by splinting. No surgery necessary. It doesn’t sound like it would be but this was good news. Dory would not have to undergo painful procedures and only needed about 2 months of “doggie bed-rest” to heal.

Now in February Dory has been doing well playing and acting like a normal adolescent dog. She has been out of her splints for quite some time.

Dory was just in for a recheck and is doing very well. X-rays were sent to a specialist for review. One of her bones in her left front

leg is not growing as well as well as the opposite bone causing an, if you would, collision. Dory now needs surgical correction.

Dory has done her healing on her own but now needs our help. She has come so far and has been a quiet, relatively easy patient, and so sweet and loving. She had so much going against her in December and we still do not know what caused her fractures but we do know she has asked very little of us until now.

Donate to her today and lets see her rise to the top!