Jan 09, 2013


Are you looking for a workout partner to get you on track this year? Elke is the energetic, fun-loving companion for you! Elke jumps with excitement when she knows you’re going to take her out of her kennel – but once you’re in the kennel with her, tell her to sit, and give her treats, she will impress you with her nice behavior. Elke is a well-behaved girl who loves to play fetch. Like any dog with manners, she sits when you ask and waits patiently for you to throw her the ball. If there is a bucket of water, she will drop a ball or toy in there and then pick it up and chew, chew, chew. She’s figured out how much fun it can be to chew and squirt the water out of the ball or toy – how cute is that?! If you sit with her, she affectionately leans close for love. Elke is waiting for you to come cuddle and play with her!!

Elke has heartworms and is in need of treatment. Please consider a donation towards her HW treatment that will make her not only feel better, but also easier to adopt into a loving home. Thank you!

Ways to Give

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