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Aug 31, 2016

Epstean needs a mandibulectomy! – SURGERY COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

You may remember Epstean from a while back when we posted about his golf-ball sized mass located at the front on his lower jaw. A biopsy was done of the mass and the good news is is is NOT cancerous! This was great news and means that Epstean can and will live a long happy life. However, the type of tissue it is made up of has a strong likely hood for re-growth; meaning if it is not completely removed the mass will most likely just grow back.

Because the mass is so large and attached to the mandible a partial mandibulectomy is the only surgery that will do the job. That’s right, part of his lower mandible needs to be removed. Yowza!

Luckily dogs are extremely resilient animals and this procedure will allow Epstean to live normally. The picture below is not Epstean but is a photo of what he will look like after surgery. The surgeon will essentially give him an under bite. It sure beats a giant mass in the form of his mouth!


Can you help fund Eptean’s mandibulectomy?