Austin Pets Alive! | Fiona’s Journey – FUND COMPLETED!
Nov 03, 2016

Fiona’s Journey – FUND COMPLETED!

Austin Pets Alive rescued Fiona on Sept 9th after she was turned into another shelter with a broken pelvis. Little Fiona (she is only 5lbs!) was just so adorable and despite have a broken pelvis loved pets and the company of the medical staff.

It wasn’t until after we had her at APA that the vets discovered she also suffered a diaphragmatic hernia in addition to the broken pelvis. Poor Fiona must have been hit by a car! Fiona was taken in to surgery and the life threatening injury was successfully repaired.


Two months have passed and during this time Fiona’s pelvis has been healing with strict crate rest. However her right leg has not regained function due to what the specialist said was “boney shifting from trauma”. Her leg needs to be amputated but this “boney shifting” has complicated the procedure. Fiona needs to specialist to perform the procedure and APA needs help funding it! The medical clinic has done so much for Fiona but this procedure must be outsourced.

Help Fiona continue her healing journey by helping to sponsor her surgery!