Austin Pets Alive! | FUNDED Monk – found as a broken stray
Dec 16, 2016

FUNDED Monk – found as a broken stray

A better name for Monk might be Monkey. He is so happy and has the biggest smile covering his whole face. Monk was found as a stray dog with a broken left rear leg and a fractured pelvis wandering the streets in pain. He was taken the Austin Animal Center but they had no space and could not treat him or even keep him.


Austin Pets Alive rescued him
and hoped that he would heal on his own with splinting and crate rest. In most cases like Monk’s this is all that is needed. While Monk’s leg healed his fractured pelvis has caused him permanent damage to his hip.

Fortunately for Monk surgery is possible and will fix the hip issue. Right now he doesn’t always put weight on his leg and we’d like to have his surgery done as soon as possible.

YOUR donations will go directly to Monk’s surgical procedure and his medications!