Austin Pets Alive! | FUNDED Shadow – mouth mass needs surgery
Shadow2 298X397
Dec 16, 2016

FUNDED Shadow – mouth mass needs surgery

Poor Shadow! Shadow was rescued by Austin Pets Alive on December 11th with a large mass inside his mouth. The vets have been evaluating Shadow and feel surgery is needed to remove the mass or at least most of so that Shadow can be comfortable.


We don’t know why this mass developed but do know that we need to help him. He is only 1 year old and has a long life ahead of him.

We can make that possible with donations to help fund the surgery as well as the extensive care he needs.

Please note: Any excess funding raised here will be applied to the medical costs of the next cat in need of non-routine lifesaving treatment, or if it is found that this pet cannot be treated, we will apply funding raised here to the next cat in need.