Austin Pets Alive! | Gemini – adopted as a pup, returned as an adult…
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Nov 25, 2016

Gemini – adopted as a pup, returned as an adult – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

Lets flash back a little. Meet Gemini. Austin Pets Alive first met Gemini as a 1/2 pound, 4 week old puppy back in


2012. She was rescued along with her 10 siblings from the Bastrop shelter where they were to be euthanized. APA took her and her family in, bottle fed them till they were old enough to eat on their own, then be available to adoption. Gemini was a 13 pound fluff ball and was adopted straight out of the gate!

Now lets come back to the present.


Gemini is a 3yr old Heeler Mix that has shown some aggression towards other dogs and has a torn cruciate ligament in her knee that requires expensive surgery.

Not quite the favorable outlook Gemini had back in 2012 is it?

Needles to say Austin Pets Alive will get Gemini the treatment and behavior help she needs. In fact, Gemini has already found another home where they are working with her behavior issues.

Her torn knee ligament does need to be repaired as soon as possible as to not cause her more pain, in turn creating bad behavior.

Orthopedic issues are one of the most common reasons people surrender their pets to shelters so having Gemini’s knee fixed is very important. Pair that with a behavior issue and it’s even more difficult to keep her in a home.

Gemini has a new home and a new outlook so lets do our best to keep her in it and make sure this second chance is the best one we can give her!