Austin Pets Alive! | GOB
Aug 11, 2012


GOB (George for short) has been through a lot here at Austin Pets Alive! When he first arrived, he was paralyzed in his back legs but during his time with us he has had extensive surgery, physical therapy, and received a cart to help him be more mobile. But GOB has one more step he needs to take in his recovery before he can walk and run like a normal pup again. In addition to physical therapy, George now needs leg braces to give him some support while he rebuilds leg muscles and re-learns how to walk.

George is on the road to recovery thanks to all his amazing supporters and donors. He has become well-known in the community and is a popular sight on the Town Lake Trail, spreading the now famous GOB love. Please consider a donation towards this final step in his recovery, his leg braces, and hopefully our next update will be of George walking!