Austin Pets Alive! | Hank's Surgery Fund - GOAL REACHED!
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Nov 09, 2023

Hank's Surgery Fund - GOAL REACHED!

GOAL: $12,000

RAISED: $12,000

Sweet Hank survived parvo as a puppy only to face another life-threatening issue. His growing body was getting toxins instead of nutrients because his liver wasn't filtering out the bad or absorbing the good. We took him into surgery to repair what we suspected was a liver shunt, which caused Hank's blood to bypass his liver completely.

Hank's condition was more complex than we anticipated, and the type of liver shunt he had required a specialist to repair, and had a hefty price tag of $12,000. We had raised several thousands of dollars for Hank before his surgery appointment came around, and he couldn't wait for us --- he needed this lifesaving procedure immediately.

Hank made it through surgery like a champ and is healed and happy in a loving home. We're still working on making up the funds to cover his costly --- but so necessary --- care. Any contribution you make towards Hank's surgery fund will go far in helping us cover Hank's bill, and we're so grateful for your support for pets like Hank who just can't wait for lifesaving medical care.