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Sep 05, 2016

Hellen – The Remarkable Little Schnauzer – TESTING COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

Hellen is a tiny, sweet girl who loves to snuggle beside you or nestle her head into your chest. She loves to nap most of the day with a few little spunky spurts of energy mixed in for fun. Hellen has some balance issues and falls a lot. This doesn’t seem to faze her as she jumps up and bounces around the yard like a little bunny. Her back legs are stronger than her front legs, so she somersaults a lot while exploring, but she’s getting stronger and can maneuver pretty well on grass and carpet.


This little lady will melt your heart within seconds of meeting her. She loves to be carried around the neighborhood, signaling that she wants to be let down to run or potty by making a running motion with her paws. When she’s had her fill of exercise, she likes to be carried like a baby as she looks adoringly up at you with her big brown eyes.

While Hellen doesn’t seem to mind her handicap APA would like to get to the bottom of her odd condition. A liver shunt is on the top of the list for possible causes so the vets would like to test her. It is important to test for a liver shunt because it is treatable, either through medications and food or surgery. If it is not a liver shunt then other conditions can be explored with a bit more ease.

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