Austin Pets Alive! | Help Andie continue to fight for her life
Jan 27, 2014

Help Andie continue to fight for her life

Andie is in a fight for her life. A few weeks ago Andie, a 2 month old female puppy, started experiencing signs of acute kidney failure due to an unknown cause and has been fighting since. She is being hospitalized daily on IV fluids and intense IV treatment and has luckily been going to home at night and being cared for with her perspective adoption family

Andie is one of many dogs who rely on APA daily to have the resources to help save her. Austin Pets Alive will treat Andie, and dogs like her, because as long as there is a chance for her to survive, euthanasia will never be an option.

Today Andie is doing much better and has even started barking in her kennel. Her appetite has increased some but she is still being force fed and requires around the clock care.

The resources needed and spent daily to help Andie are not cheap. APA needs your help to continue to be able to provide care to all animals in need and continue to help keep Austin the largest no-kill city in the nation.

By helping to pay for Andie’s treatment you are helping to not only get her the care she needs, but all injured animals Austin Pets Alive will care for this month. Now that’s paying it forward!