Austin Pets Alive! | Help Heal Queso’s Heart
Jun 28, 2013

Help Heal Queso’s Heart

UPDATE #2: We are eager to let you know that Queso made his trek to Texas A&M this week. The veterinarians there have decided to try a regimen of specialized medication for six months, and then re-evaluate his progress. Since it is a real possibility that Queso could die during surgery, the veterinarians decided they would like to see his response to this medication before going to the surgical option.

His condition is now moderate (worse than mild but better than severe). If he slips into a more severe condition over the next six months, he will go straight to surgery. We feel optimistic for his future thanks to the acute care he is receiving!

We will hold Queso’s funds in a restricted account for his next visit, and in the meantime will use what is needed for his medication and ultrasounds, which are costly.


We are so inspired by the community and your outpouring of support. We can’t thank you enough for giving Queso the opportunity to be seen by veterinary cardiology surgeons. APA! wouldn’t be able to provide him with these options if you hadn’t come to the rescue. We’re so happy that this sweet boy has every opportunity for a long and healthy life even though that wasn’t the card he was dealt.

UPDATE: Thanks to the amazing support of the community, we believe we have raised the needed funds for Queso’s medical needs and his surgery will be able to move forward in the best of hands! We look forward to updating you on his progress. There are many other pets, like Queso, who need medical attention at APA. Any additional donations made will help us continue to provide medical services for them and save their lives. We at Austin Pets Alive! cannot thank you enough for your kindness and support!


This adorable boy is Queso, a six month old bulldog mix who needs your help! Queso came to APA! after another shelter ran out of space for him. We examined this sweet pup and discovered something previously undetected: Queso had a severe heart murmur.

We discovered that Queso suffers from a congenital defect called “pulmonic stenosis” that is making it harder for his heart to pump effectively – his pulmonary artery cannot supply enough blood to his body. As a result, he is very easily winded, making it tough for him to live like the fun-loving puppy he truly is. Texas A&M is the only place that can perform the surgery needed to repair Queso’s condition.

Heart surgery is very expensive, but Queso must have it done as soon as possible for a chance at life. If we are able to raise enough money, he will have surgery on July 25th, 2013 at Texas A&M.

Austin Pets Alive! is in need of donations to afford this life-saving surgery and after-care, and we are fighting to raise $5,000 for Queso. We have seen our community step up in times of animals’ needs, and this is a time that we really need you. To help support the medical costs of Queso, please click Donate Now and mention Queso in the dedication line. Your support will save Queso, and allow this puppy to have a long life.