Austin Pets Alive! | Help Logan TODAY – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!
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Feb 27, 2017


The vet team at APA! had to be strategic about the repair procedures and decided that the hernia needed to happen asap. The doctors performed a difficult and sensitive surgical repair this Friday and successfully repaired the hernia. The first challenge was over!

Now, Logan’s orthopedic issues need to be addressed. As you can see in the photos Logan’s femoral fractures are very obvious on x-ray and are very concerning. Time is of the essence. The longer the fractures remain broken the harder it is to repair them. What can be a relatively straight forward surgery (in the ortho world) turns into a difficult process as bones continue to try and heal on their own.

Logan needs funding for orthopedic surgery so he can heal and walk again. Austin Pets Alive was able to repair half of his injuries but needs a specialist to complete the process. Help Logan TODAY!