Austin Pets Alive! | Help us give George a good leg to stand on!
Sep 08, 2014

Help us give George a good leg to stand on!

Meet George! George is a 4yr old Black-Mouth Cur Mix and is in quite the predicament. He has an old injury or surgical repair of his left radius that did not heal properly and so now the bones have healed in a way that is painful and not conducive to a healthy, happy living. At the right leg, there is osteoarthritis present which rules out amputation of the left leg (the best and easiest option for George).

So the goal now is to give George one good leg to stand on. A surgical correction of the left leg is indicated and needed for George to live a pain free life. He will battle arthritis pain for life but that can be managed and is managed regularly in dogs.


We need YOUR help funding George’s much needed surgery. He is on pain medication for the time being but we’d love to see him all healed and in his forever home! Can you help?