Austin Pets Alive! | Help Wally get his play back!
Jul 14, 2014

Help Wally get his play back!

You might think Wally is a sweet cuddly teddy bear or a little woolly lamb. He is really a 1 year old adorable curly haired pup. He loves to play ball, attack plastic soda bottles, and occasionally he chase his fluffy white crooked tail. Wally has a great disposition, very good manners and he likes to have his hair brushed. He’s very happy with humans and with his canine friends but, he is not able to run and play like a normal dog due to pain.When Wally was rescued by Austin Pets Alive! he was very scared and in a lot of pain.


After treating his pain we were able to examine him fully and the vets found he needs surgery to both of his knees. Sadly, right now both of the ligaments are torn. We don’t know how Wally injured his back legs, but he needs surgery so he can get back to running, hopping and jumping. With your help Wally can live pain free and run and play again!