Austin Pets Alive! | James’s Gunshot Wound Recovery
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May 03, 2017

James’s Gunshot Wound Recovery

James is a large Pyrenees mix who has arrived at APA! after being found in Bastrop with a severe gunshot wound to his right neck/shoulder. There were no witnesses. While James is far from stable, APA! staff and volunteers are working hard to help him survive the cruelty he suffered. The video below shows James partially able to sit up – while he initially also needed an oxygen tank, he’s now eating and barking, which is a good sign.

Right now, we are still unsure about his prognosis and are working to see if the bullet in his neck will affect his mobility. His current immobility may be a temporary impairment due to swelling and pain. James is receiving care, medicine and physical therapy each day as well as various testing. Provided he is stable enough, surgery is likely in his future.

If you are interested in helping James fight through this intense period of care and journey to recovery, you can donate to his medical fund by clicking the “Donate Now” button below, where you will be taken to James’s Crowdrise fundraising page.

For those interested in following James’s condition, you can sign up for email updates here:

*Please note: any funds raised over what James ends up needing will be given to another animal requiring medical attention.