Austin Pets Alive! | Long Stay Morgan Needs Surgery – Scheduled for…
Jan 18, 2016

Long Stay Morgan Needs Surgery – Scheduled for Feb 5th! THANK YOU!

Austin Pets Alive first met Morgan in May 2012. Morgan was rescued from the euthanasia list after being found as a stray.

Morgan is an all white Pit Mix and is deaf. Unfortunately deafness, especially in a shelter setting, can cause significant behavior issues. Can you imagine what it must be like for this sweet girl?

Over the years Morgan has been adopted and returned twice. The first time her adopters did not have time for her and the second time was for, unfortunately, behavior reasons.

Since being returned in November 2014 Morgan has torn then cruciate ligament in her right rear leg and needs surgery. She is being kept on pain medications right now because she is painful.

Austin Pets Alive will remain comitted to Morgan and will keep working with her and helping her find her forever home as long as it takes. She deserves this from us.