Austin Pets Alive! | Martin’s Broken Legs
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May 09, 2017

Martin’s Broken Legs

***UPDATE: May 17th, 2017***

Martin has officially been moved to a foster home to continue his recovery. The APA! Clinic team is working closely with his foster to continue to monitor his progress. Before Martin left the APA! Clinic he was excited to show our team just what a difference they had made for him. Check out the video below to see Martin taking his first few steps on his road to recovery!


***UPDATE: May 12th, 2017***

Martin was able to have surgery on both of his broken legs! He is currently recovering in the APA! Clinic and is much happier – and in much less pain. Instead of crying out in pain, he now gives our APA! Clinic team a polite little whimper to let them know that he would love some pets.

Unfortunately, during Martin’s surgery, our APA! Clinic team discovered that his front leg fracture was much worse than they had anticipated. The bone was entirely shattered at the joint, and there is the possibility that his front right leg may need to be amputated in the future.

In the meantime, the APA! Clinic team will continue to closely monitor Martin’s progress and healing, and they are actively working to get him placed in a foster home where he can recover in comfort.

The video below shows him in the clinic today wagging his tail, happy to see his clinic friends!


Martin, a five-month-old puppy, has arrived at the Austin Pets Alive! clinic with two broken legs, both on the right side of his body. Martin was most likely hit by a car and was then found by a good samaritan and brought into the Austin Animal Center, from which he was promptly transferred to APA!.

What Martin needs is surgery – immediately. His back right leg has a long vertical break in the bone and his front right leg has a break very close to his joint, which means it can’t be splinted. Both of these breaks need urgent surgical attention to help Martin avoid lifelong pain and mobility issues. The video below shows him in the clinic this morning, only able to use his left side.

Martin needs your help. The surgery alone will cost $1,500 and there will likely be additional medicinal and physical therapy costs in his future. You can help Martin get back on his feet and receive the medical care and love he desperately needs. Donate below!

*Please note: any funds raised over what Martin ends up needing will be given to another animal requiring medical attention.