Austin Pets Alive! | MayTag – FUND COMPLETED! THANK YOU!
Jul 17, 2015


MayTag is one of the sweetest dogs, you would never believe how kind she is after hearing about the cruelty she has faced. She came to us covered in mud and actual maggots.


She was totally emaciated, nothing on her body but descended mamory glands from the multiple litters of puppies she has had. We had to take her babies away from her to keep her alive, and they are fat and happy in an amazing foster home.


She had zero socialization, she looked confused by anyone or anything that might want to pet her.


After only a short time with her foster, she has had the oppertunity to melt many hearts while we watched her gain all of the weight back that she needed to.


Now she has some hurdles left to face. You would never believe that this girl is only a few years old, she is broken and aching from living in a back yard for most of her life.

She desperately needs a TPLO surgery- she has a tear in her cranial cruciate ligament which is similar to a torn ACL in a human. She also has a displaced knee cap that will get some relief from the surgery as well.

Additionally, she is heartworm positive. Clearly she needs your help!


There is a bright future for this lovebug- her foster has fallen in love and wants to give her the loving forever home she deserves.


She has a couch inside to sleep on, she has a human friend to snuggle with who will make sure she gets her pain meds and joint supplements.


As soon as we can fix her leg, we can release her into his ownership and they can begin their life together. Can you help us provide the care this sweet girl needs?