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Elsa Rose As A Puppy
Jan 27, 2017

Meet Elsa Rose – resilience in action – FUNDED! THANK YOU!

Elsa Rose is the sweetest most determined pup you will ever meet.

Elsa Rose came to APA! in May, 2016. She came to us with a congenital defect. Her back legs were hyperextended causing her to not be able to bend them and therefore not able to use them. This is often as referred to as swimmers syndrome.

As a puppy, Elsa Rose was able to maneuver and move about well; but as she grew, it was obvious that the unusable legs were hindering her and preventing her from living a normal life. A drastic decision was made to amputate her back legs. By this time Elsa Rose had an internal fan club and was able to raise the money for a specialist to perform the s

The surgery went well and Elsa Rose was a happy pup and getting around quite well with a 4-wheel wheelchair that was donated just for her.

Unfortunately, Elsa’s struggle continued.

Since birth Elsa Rose had to pull herself around on her front legs. Only after she was placed in the wheelchair did we discover her front legs had suffered too much stress. She had developed carpal hyperextension in both front legs.

Another drastic decision had to be made. Do we put Elsa Rose though another extensive and complicated surgery? Or do we allow her to be happy as long as possible? You may not know, but APA! believes in giving every dog a chance. She was and still is so young we feel she deserved the best life we can offer her.

Two weeks ago a 2nd complicated and extensive surgery was performed on both of her front legs (arthrodesis). Our specialists have been very pleased with Elsa Rose’s rapid healing and are very hopeful she will be able to walk with her cart again. In order to help her complete her full recovery we need to get her in to physical therapy immediately. She needs to be on a water treadmill for a minimum of 20 sessions to learn how to properly walk again.

Elsa Rose is ready for the next chapter in her life. She has been in the same foster home for her

entire stay with APA! and has seen many other special needs animals come and go and she is ready for her turn to be all recovered and the change to look for a furrever home.

Elsa Rose’s finish line is in sight but she needs to hear our cheers.

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