Austin Pets Alive! | Meet Lou Lou! – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!
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Jan 11, 2016


Meet Sweet Lou Lou! Lou Lou was found on December 26th after just being hit by a car. She was in shock, could not get up, and had severe and extensive injuries. She has suffered a nerve injury to her front leg, and dislocated hip, and a deep wound (road rash) to her forehead.

Lou Lou’s head wound is healing but her front leg has nerve damage that will hopefully get better over time. However, there is a good chance that she will never again have full function of that leg. She currently does not bear any weight on the leg and lifts it up to run, play, and walk. Poor Girl!


Luckily we can do something to to help Lou Lou with her hip. An FHO surgery will allow her to have full function again, making it easier for her to live life without full function of her front leg.

Lou Lou is a very sweet dog but has been through a lot these last few weeks. The FHO surgery will put her back on the road to recovery and get her used to her new life!