Austin Pets Alive! | Meet Moxie – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!
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Jan 31, 2017


Moxie is so sweet it’ll make you’re teeth hurt! She is a 1yr old Shepard mix, about 40lbs, and despite her name is among the sweetest dogs at APA. Although she does have spirit and spunk, sassines is not in her nature.

True to Austin Pets Alive’s mission; Moxie is in need of medical help. She is from a rural shelter and was in imminent danger of being euthazied because she suffered from what was assumed to be a broken leg. The assumption was correct.

Moxie has a femur fracture near the joint that needs surgical repair. The inner layers of tissue have formed what’s called a hygroma. We are unsure how long Moxie’s leg has been fractured but we know it has been log enough to allow the hygroma to from. Additionally, there is a bony protrusion that can be felt under the skin but Moxie does not react in any sort of painful manner. Which is good in one respect but unfortunate in another.

Without surgery Moxie is definitly be at risk for secondary hygroma complications but more importantly joint disease and pain. Donate to Moxie today!