Austin Pets Alive! | Mocha's Orthopedic Surgery - FUNDING COMPLETE!
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Dec 02, 2019

Mocha's Orthopedic Surgery - FUNDING COMPLETE!

Mocha is a big ball of love that hasn't been feeling her best. She has a bad case of medial luxating patellas which are preventing her kneecaps from staying in their normal position in the groove on the end of the femur. Instead, hers are popping out to the inside surface of the knee, causing her discomfort and difficulties walking. She's been in our care for a few months now after we took her in from Austin Animal Center due to these injuries. Now that she's in the comfort of her foster home, we're ready to move forward with performing her orthopedic surgery, but we need to raise the funds first. If you can help us do so so that Mocha can move about free of pain and be in her best shape to find her forever home, please give to her medical fund today.

*At times a chip in fund will raise more than a pet needs. When this happens, rest assured that excess gifts will be used to help another pet in need of your assistance! Thank you for helping us help pets!