Austin Pets Alive! | O’Malley is meowvalous! Read about him here!
Sep 15, 2014

O’Malley is meowvalous! Read about him here!

This is O’Malley! O’Malley is a 1yr old grey and white DSH cat that is just purrfect in almost every way! He is a very lovable and loving male cat that adores being rubbed and petted. He has the spunk of a kitten but the manners of an adult!

O’Malley’s only problem right now are his nasal issues. He is very sneezy and is constantly trying to clear his nasal passages. He does have mucous that the vets think are related to a fungal infection in his nose. In order to treat him we need to have a fungal test performed then the only treatment is 2 months of an oral antifungal that must be taken every day. Can you help us test and treat O’Malley? The he would really be purrfect!