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Sep 09, 2022

Orthopedic Surgeries for 5 Pups in Need!

Five dogs need your help to see the orthopedic specialist who only visits our clinic once a month. West, Bayard, Merlin, Chewy, and Cheesecake have been waiting for relief from injuries ranging from a dislocated hip to a CCL tear. Together, we can raise $8,270 and get these pups the surgeries they need to get back on their feet.



West is an anxious boy but he has lots of love to give. His chronic hip injury makes it hard for him to open up and play as much as he wants to. West has heartworms and was battling a severe cough and breathing problems while waiting for hip surgery. He is finally stable enough to repair the fractured femur that was scraping the inside of his hip joint and causing him lots of pain.



Bayard had surgery for a chronic stress fracture in his left hip last year, but now his right hip is giving him trouble. He can only use it for a short time before it causes him pain and he has to hold it up to get some relief. Bayard loves to take casual strolls with his human friends, and surgery will give him the chance to do what he loves free of pain and discomfort.


Merlin has had to take it easy all summer because of a leg injury. He tore his CCL, a ligament in his knee that connects his lower leg to his upper leg. Merlin is a big boy and it’s hard for him to support his wiggly, 80-pound body on his weak back leg. The longer he waits to repair his CCL, the weaker and stiffer his leg will become and the harder it will be for him to move around.



Chewy is seven pounds of laid-back love who needs our help to walk on all fours again. This senior Chihuahua mix suffered deep wounds to his shoulder and hip, and although the wounds have healed, his hip is still stiff and painful. Chewy has a hip luxation that requires surgical repair to get the relief he needs. 



Cheesecake was a doting mother to her puppies this summer but now she needs some pampering of her own. This loving pup has healed from a leg fracture but her hip is still giving her lots of trouble. She needs surgery next week to repair a hip luxation — the head of her femur slips out of the hip socket, making it extremely painful to move her leg.


Will you make your gift TODAY to help these five dogs get the procedures they need?


*At times a chip-in fund will raise more than a pet needs. When this happens, rest assured that excess gifts will be used to help another pet in need of your assistance! Thank you for helping us help pets!