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Oct 18, 2016

Patsy – A Life Saving Mission – Fund Complete! Thank you!

You may remember sweet Patsy from a recent posting. Patsy is a dog that cannot resist the temptation to eat anything and everything. This may seem like a harmless habit but for Patsy it has meant THREE surgeries to remove foreign objects from her digestive tract. Patsy is in a foster home with medical staff and is monitored incredibly well but Patsy always manages to find a way. Including derailing closet doors to get to that oh so resistible plush blanket/toy/shirt/zipper(you name it!).

Patsy’s life is in danger and the vets don’t know how many more surgeries Patsy can live through. The vet and behavior teams are working diligently to get to the bottom of Patsy’s dangerous behavior before it’s too late. Recently blood work was ordered to rule out any straight forward causes and that came back normal so further testing is required.


A diagnosis for Patsy means saving her life. No kill means doing everything possible to save a life and prevent unnecessary death. Patsy absolutely deserves to be a part of our No Kill city.