Austin Pets Alive! | Perla Needs Lab Work – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!
May 05, 2016

Perla Needs Lab Work – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

How pretty is Perla!

Perla is a 4yr old Terrier Mix. She loves long walks in the park and enjoys the company of people. Shelter life has been a bit tough for Perla. The loud noises and unfamiliar routines cause her some anxiety but if you give her a chance you’ll be rewarded with a pretty relaxed, loving dog!

Perla has had several stays with volunteers and fosters and has behaved quite well. She has always been reported to be fully potty trained but recently has started to leave tinkle spots at inappropriate times and places.

Lab work would help tell the vet if her kidney’s are functioning normally or if she is experiencing unrelated incontinence. As you can imagine Perla’s chances of getting adopted are greatly reduced if we don’t get to the bottom of this.

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