Austin Pets Alive! | Rory
Rory 1
Nov 29, 2012


Rory just loves his stuffed animal. It’s his security blanket. Rory came to us as a stray found in an underpass. He is doing so much better. You couldn’t have said that a few of days ago though. Poor Rory was really sick with the Parvovirus (“Parvo”). Puppies, like Rory, come through the Parvo Ward at Austin Pets Alive! all too frequently. And without the help of some expensive medicines (and cute stuffed animals), the volunteers wouldn’t be able to help these puppies fight this deadly virus. One puppy’s care costs an average of $250.

The Parvo Ward relies solely on donations to pay for their medical treatment, and without these donations, we wouldn’t be able to save these puppies. Last year alone we took in 256 puppies, and that number will have doubled by the end of this year. Please consider donating to the Austin Pets Alive! Parvo Ward to help us keep saving puppies just like Rory.

Every puppy deserves a chance.