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Mar 31, 2023

Shirley's $2000 Orthopedic Consultation - GOAL REACHED


Shirley’s a playful 2-year-old pup who has a CCL tear and needs to see an orthopedic surgeon ASAP. Shirley's such a high-energy pup, and it's been tough to see her limping after just a short walk or laying down for a bit. We want to get her back to her playful self as soon as possible!

Unfortunately, the cost for the consultation and possible surgery is pretty high, and we need to raise $2000 before April 13th to cover it. Any donation will make a world of difference for this cheerful pup’s quality of life. Let's help her walk, play, and chill without any discomfort for the rest of her life. Thanks for your support, and please share if you can! You can chip-in for sweet Shirley here: