Austin Pets Alive! | Spays for Ringworm Rabbits
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Mar 05, 2020

Spays for Ringworm Rabbits

We recently saved five small rabbits from another shelter. They were going to be euthanized for having ringworm, and not have the resources to treat them there, they reached out to us for help. The rabbits are now safe in our care and as cute as can be! We need to get them spayed but this is not something our vets can do in-house. They'll need to go to an outside clinic but we need to raise the funds to cover the costs first. Please donate to their medical fund today so we can find these fluffy sweeties their forever homes!

*At times a chip in fund will raise more than a pet needs. When this happens, rest assured that excess gifts will be used to help another pet in need of your assistance! Thank you for helping us help pets!