Austin Pets Alive! | The Behavior Team needs YOUR help!
Apr 30, 2014

The Behavior Team needs YOUR help!

My name is Mike Kaviani, and I am the Dog Behavior Program Manager with Austin Pets Alive! Here at APA!, our dogs are offered progressive programs such as Play Group, one-on-one and group obedience training, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Rough Tail Runners, and more, all in an effort to save and enhance the lives of as many dogs as possible. In spite of these great programs, the shelter environment itself can be highly stressful, so we are always looking for ways to reduce this stress.


We desperately want to create a more peaceful and safe environment for our dogs while they are in our care, and we need YOU to help us! The addition of visual barriers on the kennel doors will provide a much more private and peaceful environment and prevent the dogs from staring at each other, thus reducing the stress and anxiety that is often created in this atmosphere. Many (if not most) behavior problems in the dogs at the shelter are a result of simply being in this stressful and unnatural environment. By helping to fund this project, our hope is that this little extra bit of privacy will prevent these shelter-created habits from forming and will result in calmer, happier dogs for years to come!