Austin Pets Alive! | The Summer Season is almost over but Summer the…
Sep 15, 2014

The Summer Season is almost over but Summer the dog just got here!

Meet Sweet Summer! Summer is a 7m old female terrier that was rescued by Austin Pets Alive through the Austin Animal Center after suspected head trauma was diagnosed. When Summer arrived at APA she was a little “off”, walking wobbly and with a head tilt, but the next day was 100% normal and acting like a healthy dog.


Over the next few days the wobbliness came and went and the vets at APA quickly were able to diagnose a Portosystemic Shunt, or PSS. PSS is a congenital abnormality that moves blood around the liver instead of through it allowing toxins to be released back into the body and malformation of the liver.

Summer is on medications to help her liver function and she is being monitored closely but needs surgery asap. The longer she goes without surgical repair the worse her symptoms will be and will likely start to cause her to have seizures.

Help us help Summer quickly!