Austin Pets Alive! | Topper – Fund Complete! Thank You!
Jun 03, 2015

Topper – Fund Complete! Thank You!

Meet the very dapper Topper!


This sweet gentlemen is a 6yr old Lhasa Apso mix that loves playing with his 60lb house mates as well as laying in his fosters lap soaking up the love.

Personality-wise, he’s affectionate, spunky, and happy. A big personality in a little body. He likes to chew on rawhides, take naps, do zoomies in the yard, play with other dogs, and go for walks.

His new nickname is little monster. When you talk to him, he looks at you like he understands what you’re saying. He has a sweet little howl he does sometimes that sounds like he’s talking or singing to you.

Thanks to his amazing foster, we were able to do an abdominal ultrasound which revealed exactly what we were afraid of- a shunt.


Even though Topper is doing well now and hasn’t had a seizure in a while, we have the opportunity to double his life expectancy if we do this reparative operation. He is 6 and he can live to be 13 or 14, but not with his liver looking the way it does now.