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Apr 03, 2017

Two Brothers, One Love – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

They can stand but not walk. They can play but not run. They can love and be loved.

Dyson and Hoover are two brothers that have come a long way. They are purebred dachshunds that were turned in to another shelter; sadly, they were not maturing normally. Because they are purebred we suspect these “owners” were breeders that would not take on deficient puppies.

Dyson and Hoover have significant ataxia and have very little coordination. We are not sure why they have these symptoms or what could have caused them but despite different treatments and medications they have had little to no improvement.

The brothers need help with muscle movement in their limbs to help not only keep them from constricting and wasting, but also to help learn to use them. Their foster mom has been doing physical therapy at home and has provided excellent care for “the boys”. Despite the wonderful love and support, Dyson and Hoover could benefit from professional physical therapy. Expert input would help guide and support the process; and hopefully help them gain some strength.Despite their set back both puppies are happy and enjoy being a puppy. They play together and have no idea that they is any other way to live.Dyson and Hoover did not ask to be born this way but they were.Fortunanlty we, as humans, have the ability to them.Donate TODAY and help get these adorable puppies ready for their permanent homes!