Austin Pets Alive! | UPDATE and correction on Casper!
Aug 30, 2014

UPDATE and correction on Casper!

Casper is a goofball of a pup that loves to play and be rowdy. He has already survived parvovirus, showing the world he is a survivor, and now he needs your help. His hips are in need of surgery. He is in need of a triple pelvic osteotomy to alleviate and prevent any arthritis.


He currently has mild arthritis in his hips but it will get worse without surgery! Casper came to Austin Pets Alive! in June very sick with Parvovirus. He made it through this tough time, but he is large for his age and unfortunately is already showing signs of orthopedic issues, including discomfort.
The sooner the Casper can get surgery, the sooner he can get back to being a puppy! In fact he may need surgery within the month to ensure a full recovery!

Can you help us give Casper the life he deserves as a healthy, pain-free puppy?