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Feb 18, 2017

Urgent Need! – Help Daphne today and help save a life – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU! update to follow

Daphne needs help asap. Late January Daphne was spayed at Austin Pets Alive! and adopted shortly after. Sadly, Daphne has been returned because of near constant regurtigation and vomiting, leading to costly medical bills for the adopter. This week a barium study was done at APA and it showed that Daphne’s esophagus is only passing very small amounts of liquid.

The vet team suspects when Daphne was under anesthesia she unknowing regurgitated a small amount of bile or food into her esophagus. It remained there during the 15min procedure.

The contents of regurgitation is acidic (like heartburn) and this caused an ulcer to form, then heal, creating an esophageal stricture. This is scar tissue that has thickened and narrowed the esophageal opening. Daphne is physically is unable to swallow food.

The only measure that can be taken is a balloon procedure. A “balloon” is used to slowly stretch and open the stricture over a period of time.

This is a very specialized procedure. Austin Pets Alive! alone cannot fund this. There is only one other option; it’s an option no-kill organizations consider only when quality of life is compromised.

Donate to Daphne today and help save her life.