Austin Pets Alive! | Fitzgerald, a scary situation. FUND COMPLETE!…
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Apr 12, 2017

Fitzgerald, a scary situation. FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

The sweet eyes looking up at you are a good distraction to Fitzgerald’s very serious problem. There aren’t many ways to delicately dance around his issues, but if you are looking for the kid friendly version, here is goes: Fitzgerald has a potentially deadly fungal infection on his undercarriage. This infection has created a very large wound that is causing significant harm to his ‘external organs’.

While the medical clinic at Austin Pets Alive! awaits the results from his biopsy, the veterinarians are making plans for how best to treat and heal this tough, gentle boy. He is full of kisses and soft head butts against your leg. Although, regardless of his seemingly demure demeanor, it’s important to remember that he is in a significant amount of pain, and will certainly need our help to get him back in working condition. Scroll down for a more complete picture of his medical needs, which can be considered graphic, as well as further explanation of what needs to be done to help Fitzgerald’s unfortunate situation.