Austin Pets Alive! | Vision and hearing impaired dog saved from life…
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Nov 08, 2016

Vision and hearing impaired dog saved from life on the street – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU

Sidney Prescott is an incredibly sweet, loving, calm dog who’s been through a rough time recently, but is settling in to live the good life. She was found as a stray getting picked on by three dogs!

Poor Sidney suffers from vision and hearing loss so life as a stray must have been incredibly difficult and sad for Sidney.

Although nothing can be done to improve Sidney’s hearing we may be able to help her vision. Sidney

sidney pres

suffers from a under-developed left eye (microphthalmia), which is a congenital defect, and her right eye has a very inflamed 3rd eyelid and pigmented cornea. A biopsy of the 3rd eye lid would help the vets determine if vision could be improved and what could be done to help Sidney regain some of his vision.

Donate to Sidney Prescott today and help a homeless dog in need.